If You Find Yourself Stalled On The Side Of The Road Success Management Is For You

Strategic Personal Life Plan

Many people find themselves stalled on the side of the road. Are you unsure of the next steps to get you back on the road of success for your personal life? If so, consider the following:

Step 1: Discovery of Purpose

The most important question that has to be answered even before you get to the strategy part of your plan is: What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing to bring fulfillment into my life? If you already know your purpose great, but if you don't as a coach I will help you to discover, develop and deploy your purpose which will lead to achievement of your dreams.

Step 2: Areas of Life Focus

Once you have a clear understanding of our purpose you then identify five key areas of your life that you want to master over the next five years. This will give you focus and understanding of where and how you need to spend your time, talent and treasure as you develop your plan.

Step 3: My Understanding

A. Internal - Self Evaluation
Allows you to take a unique look at your internal self evaluation based upon your identified five areas of focus, and to look at your strengths and weaknesses by each area. This is a very revealing exercise to help identify within your five areas of focus the things you do very well and areas you can work on for improvement.

B. External Environment
The external analysis helps you to project out three to five years (the length of your personal strategic plan) what each area of mastery will look like. For example if you have a fifteen year old daughter, in five years she will be twenty. What will be important for your daughter concerning relationships, college, etc. It gives you a unique look forcing you to plan ahead for the future in each of the areas.

As you develop a full understanding of your purpose: five areas of life focus; and understanding and evaluation of yourself; an external view of the five areas you want to master, then you are ready to develop your strategic plan.
Step 4: My Mission Statement
Step 5: My S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Step 6: My Strategies
Step 7: Obstacles
Step 8: My S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
Step 9: My Standards
Step 10: My Actions

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