About Our Mission

We help people discover, develop and deploy their purpose.

We are here to help you make a positive impact on your business. Success Management, LLC will help you move forward with your career, branch, and even your executive board.

Professional Development


Executive Development

Your organization's success relies on its leaders. Our proven coaching skills will help develop your organizational leaders to achieve business goals now and for future success.


Organizational Development

Success Management, LLC can give your sales team a better edge to produce more for your organization. Our developmental coaching will give them the motivation they need to reach organizational goals.


Personal Development

If you feel like you are stuck at your position and can't seem to figure out how to progress Success Management, LLC can help. We will help you discover, develop and deploy your purpose. This will give you a strong foundation which will help you evolve with your professional career.

"Two important days in your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain

Some More Info

Helping clients prevent these 10 common leadership mistakes

  • 1. Failure to focus on the future
  • 2. Success without successors
  • 3. Mission the clues of corporate culture
  • 4. Communication chaos
  • 5. Dirty delegation
  • 6. Dictatorship in decision-making
  • 7. No room for Mavericks
  • 8. The absence of affirmation
  • 9. Putting paperwork before people work
  • 10. The top-down attitude

Review Our Success

  • "Michael Jones has captured the imagination and intent of several of my dear friends through the development of uniquely designed appreciation awards."
    Pastor Emmet Wheatfall
    Portland, Oregon
  • "After consulting with Michael I had a good start with how to build my Board of Directors and to establish our learning center for success!"
    Toni Laudermilk
    Executive Director The Remedial Reading and Learning Center
  • "After attending a Success Management Seminar, we were able to implement several distinctive methods that were suggested to enhance our customer service and marketing goals. The continued use of these methods has helped us exceed our customer service and marketing goals of the past two years".
    Robert McMillen
    Robert McMillen & Associates Palo Alto, California

"Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable" - Myles Munroe